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Liz's Blog !
By proadAccountId-386644 15 Nov, 2017
One of our large salt lamps has found a lovely new home with a beautiful family .... thanks for sending us the photo ... 
By proadAccountId-386644 04 Sep, 2017
Angels are always watching ... We were enjoying the movie 'Hidden Figures' at the local cinema. Thinking it finished half way through, disappointed not wanting it to end ... then the  realisation hit that there was still another space mission ... & sat back in my chair. When the movie finished I had to clap ... first for the ladies on whom the film was based & second for the film itself ... the whole cinema then filled with gentle clapping. Telling my husband that I thought the movie was over half way through he remarked 'Then you would have clapped in the wrong place' ... me being me replied 'Shouldn't I have clapped?' He didn't answer so I kept on asking right up to entering our car ... finally he replied 'There's your feather...' 'What ' I grumbled ... 'There's your feather' he repeated pointing to the windscreen ... a feather ... 'So I should have clapped' ... at this point the feather blew away ... only to be discovered a week later when I yet again asked for assurance from the angels !! 
By proadAccountId-386644 24 Aug, 2017
December 2015 ... A young girl was busy in the front of the shop while her mum was busy browsing down the back ... as her mum came up to her she said "Look Mummy I made a circle of love" ... another magical moment ...  
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It's been 6 years since we opened our Angel shop on 13.7.2011 ...

The 'Liz's Blog' page will be used for past experiences with Angels ... we would also love to hear about Angel stories from others.  
Our security man at the entrance of Elizabeth's Crystal Garden !!
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